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Sony Expands Signature Series
Sony announced the IER-Z1R in-ear headphones and DMP-Z1 digital music player, a new line of exquisite audio products that expand its Signature Series. These products harness decades of audio expertise, proudly showcasing Sony’s relentless lifetime pursuit of sound excellence. The Signature Series advances sound to an entirely new realm of audio engagement — taking the experience from listening to feeling it.

One Signature Sound

Committed to audio innovation, Sony has created a range of products in the Signature Series that surpasses everything that came before it. Pursuing sound reproduction to ultimate perfection means being able to distinguish every nuance in the music with live atmosphere — even the natural decay of fading notes to silence. The new line in the Signature Series offers astonishingly faithful sound reproduction that’s definitively clear and expressive, where even the subtleties and delicate nuances of micro-sounds and bigger scales at higher dynamics are effectively reproduced.

IER-Z1R Signature Series In-ear Headphones

  • Delivering exceptional sound quality with High-Resolution Audio
  • HD hybrid driver system consisting of 5mm dynamic driver, 12mm Magnesium alloy diaphragm dynamic driver and Magnesium alloy diaphragm Balanced Armature (BA) driver
  • Refined-phase structure for precise image projection
  • Housing shape designed for comfort and includes pre-formed ear hanger and large variety of ear buds for optimum fit
  • Zirconium alloy outer housing with Perlage pattern face plate
  • Meticulously crafted and designed in Japan using superior materials to create an audio masterpiece

Refined sound and superb fit

Delivering an immersive musical experience, the IER-Z1R headphones feature a HD hybrid driver system consisting of three newly developed Sony-designed drivers. As the driver unit’s sound, quality and consistency of sound character are critical to a headphone’s sound, an advantage of Sony-designed drivers is that it ensures a preservation of consistency in sound signature from driver design stage to the finished product.

Using the finest materials

The 5mm dynamic driver is constructed with a newly developed aluminium coated LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm and external magnetic circuit allowing it to reproduce the ideal frequency response of up to 100 kHz. Strategically placing the 5mm dynamic driver coaxially against the sound path accurately delivers the sound from the super tweeter directly into a listener’s ear canal. A frequency response of up to 100 kHz provides the experience of a live concert hall atmosphere for users anytime, anywhere.

The 12mm dynamic driver’s diaphragm features a magnesium alloy dome which is light weight yet highly rigid. The dome’s edge is made from aluminium coated LCP which offers flexibility for optimum bass reproduction and high internal loss. These materials work in sync to give listeners fine details and crystal-clear sound.

In addition, the diaphragm of the balanced armature unit for reproducing high range sound is made from magnesium alloy. Working together with a newly developed silver coated copper voice coil and gold-plated terminals, the balanced armature unit can faithfully reproduce sound including the smallest low-level signals.

Perfectly controlled acoustics of the IER-Z1R is achieved by the Refined-phase structure which features a magnesium alloy inner housing that delivers to listeners a natural sound with precise sense of image projection never experienced before. All three drivers; the 5mm dynamic driver, 12mm dynamic driver and balanced armature driver unit are built into the inner housing which works as an optimal sound path. Sound coming from each driver is optimally blended in the sound path which ensures an ideal phase response and clear separation. Magnesium alloy also eliminates unnecessary vibration due to its high rigidity and internal loss.

Advanced sound space control technology was applied to finely control air flow at the rear of the drivers. Ventilation is accurately controlled by connecting an acoustic tube to the extended acoustic cavity behind the driver unit. This unique-to-Sony sound control method reproduces a wide sound stage with rich and natural mid-range, a well-balanced frequency response from low to high frequencies and smooth sound reproduction.

Network designed with high grade parts

Sony’s dedicated audio grade film capacitor for crossover network circuits was used in the IER-Z1R delivering a refined sound with low distortion. This film capacitor was developed after numerous listening tests. In addition, a Sony developed dedicated audio grade solder was also used to minimise loss in the signal path.

High sound quality balanced connection

High sound quality balanced connection is achieved with the supplied 5 pole 4.4mm balanced standard cable or the use of optional cables. Silver coated OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) is used in the supplied cable. Sony has evolved the plating structure of the plug and terminal to gold plating over a non-magnetic plated surface core material. This ensures signal flow is not disturbed.

The supplied cable also features natural silk thread that reduces touch noise, also working as an insulator and damper against vibration. Also, the supplied cable features twisted pair wiring, thereby reducing signal transmission loss to preserve the signal purity and achieve accurate high-resolution sound. In addition, optional cable engineered with KIMBER KABLE® is also available[1] for another way to enjoy high resolution sound.

Comfort is key

With an accumulated ear shape database collected over decades of research, the IER-Z1R is designed for comfortable yet stable wear via its optimised housing shape, 13 variations of ear buds (six variations of triple comfort ear buds and seven variations of hybrid ear buds) and pre-formed ear hangers. This exquisite pair of headphones also boasts a zirconium alloy outer housing for increase hardness, corrosion resistance and durability. The face plate of the IER-Z1R features an elegant “Perlage” pattern distinguishing the headphones at a glance. The IER-Z1R is meticulously hand-crafted using only the finest top-grade materials by skilful artisans in Japan, allowing audiophiles to fully immerse themselves in their favourite songs as the artists and sound engineers intended for them to be heard.

DMP-Z1 Signature Series Digital Music Player

  • Delivering exceptional sound quality with High-Resolution Audio. Compatible for DSD Native up to 11.2 MHz for both balance and single end
  • Digital Music Player with integrated battery and high quality headphone amp.
  • ‘Stationary class’ sound quality and headphone power output, gold plated rotary volume control customised for Sony with dual DAC and analogue amp
  • Independent battery power system powered by five battery cells
  • H-shaped aluminium chassis and optimised audio circuit design
  • 256GB built-in storage with dual micro SD slots

High-Resolution Sound with the DMP-Z1 Music Player

Combining super high quality sound, premium design and enhanced usability, the DMP-Z1 is a high end music player bringing top quality stationary class headphone amplifier sound and power to wherever you desire. Reaching new sound quality heights, the DMP-Z1 achieves optimum High Resolution Audio playback (up to native DSD 11.2MHz/PCM 384 kHz/32bit) and approx. 1500mW (16Ω) headphone power output for a personal, premium listening experience.

As the audio signal directly passes through the volume controller, this affects sound quality and is one of the most important aspects of audio design. The DMP-Z1 uses a Sony customised high-end analogue rotary volume controller which is copper plated, followed by gold plating and supports the volume for four separate signal paths (L+ / L- / R+ / R-). This ensures signal purity and ensures the DMP-1 reproduces transparent and clear vocals, as it maximises the DAC chip performance by retaining all audio source information even at low volume levels.

The DMP-Z1 features a dual DAC and analogue amplifier to ensure high headphone output power and high quality sound. It uses the Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK4497EQ DAC Chip, a world-renowned DAC IC and the TI TPA6120A2 amp chip, also a world leading top end headphone amp IC.

Independent Power System

The DMP-Z1 has an independent power system using a total of five battery cells, providing independent and stable power to both the digital and analogue block. The independent analogue battery features a simple power circuit to supply clean power to the headphone amplifier. Thus, the battery mode delivers noiseless, clean and powerful sound. Users can easily switch the music player’s power mode from AC to battery by simply touching either Battery button or AC button on the DMP-Z1’s touch panel user interface.

H-Shaped Aluminium Monocoque Chassis & Frame

The DMP-Z1’s H-shaped aluminium chassis prevents a high rigidity frame structure that eliminates vibration and reduces resistance, thereby delivering clear and powerful low frequency performance. In addition, isolation of the amplifier board by physically separating the amp board and main board using the H-shaped chassis further reduces noise which will affect sound quality. This isolation blocks noise and provides areas for connecting to ground on each board via connection to the chassis. This ensures the listener experiences transparent sound free from distortion.

Your Music Your Way

A first for digital music players, listeners can personalise their preferred sound with the DSD Remastering Engine which lets users convert all PCM music sources into DSD 5.6MHz. The DSD Remastering Engine can be switched on or off easily in the user interface. A newly developed Vinyl Processor feature can recreate the acoustic phenomena unique to vinyl playback. This includes the effect of tone-arm resonance, sensitivity improvement caused by tiny surface noise and a rich sound character, due to acoustic feedback from the speakers to the turntable.

The DMP-Z1 also includes newly developed DSEE HX™ with an improved algorithm to enhance and supplement the ability for high range expression. Thanks to AI machine learning technology, users do not need to select the type of enhancement, but instead this is automatically selected for them based on real time information analysis.

Premium Design

With its mirror-finished aluminium top plate, spin finished aluminium physical playback control keys and gold plated analogue rotary volume controller, the DMP-Z1 sports a sleek premium design which exudes high-class luxury in every component. With dual micro SD card slots, 256 GB internal storage, USB Type-C™ connection and a BLUETOOTH® receiver, the DMP-Z1 provides enhanced usability with simplicity of operation.

The IER-Z1R will be priced at approximately €2,200/£2,000 and will be available in selected European countries in Winter 2018.

The DMP-Z1 will be priced at approximately €9,000/£8,000 and be available in the UK, France and Germany from the beginning of December 2018.

For product specifications, please visit:

For more Sony news, visit

[1]Availability varies by country

2018090108 / 25.09.2018 / Audio / SONY /

Sony Introduces Alpha 7C Camera and Zoom Lens; the World’s Smallest and Lightest(i) Full-frame Camera System
Sony today announced several additions to its impressive imaging line-up — the Alpha 7C full-frame camera (model ILCE-7C), the FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 (model SEL2860) zoom lens and HVL-F28RM flash.

Hear your TV more clearly with new Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR200 from Sony
Sony has announced the launch of a wireless handy TV speaker SRS-LSR200 in Europe, scheduled to become available for purchase from July in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and from September in the rest of Sony’s European markets.

Sony’s new Xperia™ L4 joins its entry series, bringing 21:9 viewing and capturing experiences in a sleek design
Sony today announced Xperia L4 – adding a new entry model to its portfolio of entertainment-focused smartphones.

Sony announces new 8K Full Array LED, 4K OLED and 4K Full Array LED televisions with advanced picture quality and sound capabilities
New 75” 8K Full Array LED and 48” 4K OLED added to TV line-up as Sony brings its high-end tech to a wide range of models

Sony Launches RX0 II, the World's Smallest and Lightest Premium Ultra-Compact Camera
Sony introduced an exciting new addition to its highly popular compact camera line-up with the launch of the world's smallest and lightest[vi] premium compact camera, the RX0 II(model DSC-RX0M2). Building upon the waterproof/dustproofii,shockproof,[vii] crushproof[viii] and ultra-compact qualities of the original RX0, thenew model now offers internal 4K recording, an up to 180-degree and down to 90-degree tiltable LCD screen that even works underwater[ix],iiand new image stabilisation solutions for video recording.

Sony develops CFexpress Type B memory card boasting ultra-fast read and write speeds of up to 1700MB/s (1) and 1480MB/s (1)
Sony today announced the development of the CFexpress Type B memory card (CEB-G128), a new ultra-fast next generation memory card (2) that is ideal for professional and industrial use. With its super-fast speedof up to 1700MB/s (read) along with highly reliable toughness, this memory card supports the future evolution of digital devices.

Sony’s new high power audio speakers - lose yourself in the ultimate party experience
Sony has today announced five new models to its High Power Audio range with the MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D, MHC-V02 and an exciting new outdoor party speaker: the GTK-PG10.

Crystal clear Hi-Res Audio sound that harmonises with your home interior: introducing the new Sony Glass Sound Speaker
Sony has today announced a new Glass Sound Speaker, the LSPX-S2, a minimalistic and elegant portable home speaker that uses its design to produce stunning sound quality.

Sony Unveils Newest Products and Introduces Latest Efforts from Entertainment Businesses at CES 2019
Sony Corporation President & CEO Kenichiro Yoshida spoke at the Sony press conference held on Monday, January 7 (local time), stating that “Sony is a Creative Entertainment Company. We at Sony partner with content creators who make the music, the movies, the television shows and the games that engage billions of eyes and ears and minds around the world.

Sony Announces First Fashion Watch
Sony Europe has announced its first fashion watch – the FES Watch U – which utilises e-Paper technology so wearers can change the design of the watch at the touch of a button. The FES Watch U, powered by Sony, is the only watch of its kind in the market and aims to bring together fashion and technology to allow people to express themselves in the most individual way.

Sony Audio products now compatible with Amazon Alexa
Sony has announced that with forthcoming firmware updates, users will be able to use Amazon Alexa to control Sony soundbar and several wireless headphones – all with just your voice. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question. Just ask to play music, hear the news, control smart home devices, access tens of thousands of skills, and more — Alexa will respond. Whether you are at home or on-the-go, Alexa is designed to make your life easier by letting you effortlessly control your world.

Sony Expands Signature Series
Sony announced the IER-Z1R in-ear headphones and DMP-Z1 digital music player, a new line of exquisite audio products that expand its Signature Series. These products harness decades of audio expertise, proudly showcasing Sony’s relentless lifetime pursuit of sound excellence. The Signature Series advances sound to an entirely new realm of audio engagement — taking the experience from listening to feeling it.

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